Storage Mezzanine

This tool stockist in Telford desperately needed more floor space. When we attended site to find limited access due to stock in the the aisles etc. We installed this mezzanine floor over the top of the ground floor stocked shelving while the customer continued to operate. Needless to say the customer was very happy and impressed with the completed installation.

Storage Mezzanine Floor

This installation was for a company producing covers. It was required to offer further storage space for materials to allow greater production capacity on the ground floor. The storage mezzanine was built within the operational unit with the minimum of disruption to the clients business.

Column supports positions were designed to accommodate the clients work bench locations.

Mezzanine Floor

This client has taken on a unit to provide bespoke training and gym classes and required a ground floor studio as well as a first floor hot yoga and dance studio. The floor was designed to minimise the deflection and movement caused by dynamic forces from lots of people potentially jumping around at once.

The client opened the gymnasium on time and within budget.